We are firmly committed to sustainability. We know our customers demand this attention and will appreciate our commitment.

Amazon evaluates our suppliers and practices with respect to their environmental footprint, and can state that our water, coffee, ice, and vending services are provided in the most sustainable methods available. Our 18.9 liter refillable water bottle is the best way to consume bottled water, and our point-of-use filtration coolers are some of the most energy-efficient available today. In fact, our 18.9 liter bottles are designed to be re-used up to 100 times each! Even then, they are recycled and made into products such as toys, tools, and other items.

We build and maintain advanced route management software that optimizes our delivery routes for efficiencies – lowering our carbon footprint per delivery. As a result of these efforts and investments, we deliver far more product per truck than comparable companies. We purchase the most fuel-efficient trucks available that meet our requirements, and are closely monitoring developments in fleet technologies in order to further reduce our energy consumption by our fleet of approximately 80 vehicles.

Amazon as a company, and the Amazon group of managers, will continue to evolve our operating practices as more efficient methods and technologies become available. For additional information, please see our Environmental and Waste Reduction Policy.

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