Total Refreshment Services

Supplying Water, Refreshments & Related Equipment

When you use our products and services at Amazon Springs Water & Coffee Co., you can expect safe and high-quality water and refreshments, as well as efficient and dependable equipment and service. Our goal is to leave you fully satisfied as our client, whether you are a local resident who wants service for your home or you are a company or industrial site that needs on-site service.

Our products and services at Amazon Springs include:

  • Bottled water service – We provide our clients with 18.9-liter bottles of water, small bottles (500-591 ml), ice, and more. You can count on us to deliver your bottled water or ice right to your location!
  • Full office coffee service – We can equip your office with coffee brewers and a wide selection of coffee and other beverages. Whether you are interested in drip / carafe coffee makers or single-cup brewers, we’ll provide you with the right products for your office!
  • Full-service vending – We can provide you with a vending machine and snacks and beverages to stock it with, or we can get you set up with a self-serve mini-market. Mini-markets tend to be effective vending solutions for mid- to -large-size companies.
  • Point-of-use filtration – Our energy-efficient point-of-use water coolers have built-in filtration. We offer the Quantum 1000 filtration system, which is easy to maintain and known its higher level of performance.
  • Oilfield & industrial supply – Choose Amazon Springs to meet all of your water and refreshment needs at your oilfield or industrial worksite. Whether you need water, ice, coffee, vending services, orange igloos or paper products, or we’ve got you covered!

To get started with a free trial, call our office at (780) 460-0433.

Why Choose Us?

  • One Stop Shop for Office Supplies
  • We Take Pride In Our Community Involvement
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • All Products Are Recycled