Bottled Water Service

Alberta Bottled Water Service

Amazon Springs Water & Coffee Co. is Alberta’s largest provider of bottled water, point-of-use “bottle-less” filtered water coolers, and small bottles (500 ml and 591 ml). As an Alberta water supplier that works hard to keep our clients 100% satisfied, we perform regular quality control checks that go beyond the basic inspection requirements that have been established by that the government.

Our full-service offering includes the following:

  • Bottled water delivery
    • Premium pure water, or
    • Natural spring water
  • High-quality hot and cold water coolers
  • Cups and cup dispensers

Read the information below for more details on our water and ice services, which we offer to homes, offices, industrial / oilfield sites, and other types of locations throughout Alberta.

Large Bottles

As a company that cares about sustainability, we have 18.9-liter bottles that can each be reused up to 100 times. When it comes to consuming bottled water, these large, refillable bottles are best for the environment. We can deliver these bottles right to your home or place of business.

Small Bottles

You can order 500-ml or 591-ml bottles of water from Amazon Springs and have them delivered directly to your location. Another option is to have the water vended from our complimentary vending machines. In fact, we offer a full line of beverages of all types—all of which can be delivered however you’d like.

Ice and Igloo Services

We are one of the largest ice producers in the province! We have a 50-ton ice plant that is ready to meet your needs, as well as partner suppliers for orders of even larger capacity. We can supply bags of ice individually or by the pallet.

We are also the largest producer of “Igloo services” in the province. We can sanitize orange Igloos, fill them with ice and water, seal them, and then deliver them to your worksite on a daily basis. Because we produce our own ice, we do not have capacity problems during the heat of the summer. Do you have concerns about the hydration of your workforce? If so, we can add Sqwincher electrolyte replacement solution to improve re-hydration and electrolyte replacement.

Give our water bottling services a try with a free trial and free estimate! Call Amazon Springs Water today at (780) 460-0433.

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