Full Office Coffee Service

Alberta Coffee Service & Supply

At Amazon Springs Water & Coffee Co., we provide complete office coffee services in the Calgary, Fort McMurray, and Wood Buffalo regions. As a company that is backed by more than a decade of experience, you can count on us for reliable Edmonton coffee delivery and service!

Our coffee and refreshment supplies and services include:

  • Coffee brewers and equipment provided at no charge: We can provide traditional carafe brewers, brewers that utilize 18.9-liter bottles, or single-cup systems such as Tassimo and RealCup/K-Cup-style brewers.
  • Coffee: You can choose from a wide selection of available coffees from the leading coffee suppliers in Canada.
  • Other beverages: We offer a wide selection of teas, plus hot chocolate!
  • Additional refreshments and consumables: We can provide you with any condiments or other consumables required in your office, including paper products, cups, pop, juice, and even full-service vending machines.

By working with Amazon Springs, you can reap the benefits of our vendor consolidation. You tell us what you require and we will supply it as your “one-stop shop” for office and workplace consumables. We even offer other paper products that could be of use to your place of business, such as disposable boot covers and office copy paper.

To learn more about our coffee equipment, read the information provided below.

Drip / Carafe Coffee

Amazon Springs provides brewers that brew into stainless steel carafes. These brewers can be pour-over devices, devices that are plumbed in, or devices that are fed by 18.9-liter water bottles for the best tasting coffee. We can also plumb brewers into our point-of-use water cooler so the water is filtered for drinking and for coffee! Our coffee selections are extensive. We feature some of the top brands, including our own Amazon Private Blends produced, for our clients only, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Sierra, and more.

Single-Cup Brewing

At Amazon Springs, we offer a wide range of single-cup brewing options to fit all preferences and budgets. We also offer Mother Parker’s RealCups for customers who prefer K-Cup systems. Finally, we offer a lower-cost Fresh Cup systems for users who want single cups, but do not require K-Cups.

All of these offerings come with many flavor and blend options, which we would happy to customize for your group. We invite you to test our machines and blends on a free trial basis in your office to ensure that we select the perfect mix of products for your team.

Please contact us at (780) 460-0433 for more information or for a free trial and free coffee samples!

Why Choose Us?

  • One Stop Shop for Office Supplies
  • We Take Pride In Our Community Involvement
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • All Products Are Recycled