Point-of-Use Filtration Systems

Alberta Water Supplier Meeting Your Filtration Needs

Are you in need of a point-of-use filtration system? If so, Amazon Springs can meet your needs! We are a total refreshment supplier that provides all types of refreshment supplies and services for homes and workplaces throughout Alberta.

Point-of-use filtration systems are typically placed under the counter, or they are more commonly provided in the form of water coolers with the built-in filtration. We are proud to offer the best point-of-use water cooler on the market—the Quantum 1000 filtration system. This system has one cartridge that is easily changed every 12 months, depending on usage. It provides ½ micron absolute filtration, which means the water will not deteriorate in quality over the life of the filter. We offer some of the most energy-efficient point-of-use filtration coolers available today!

Our Full-Service Option

We can provide these units on a full-service basis where you pay one low monthly payment and we take care of all maintenance, repairs, and filter changes. If you are taking advantage of our coffee services, we can set up your point-of-use cooler to provide filtered water to the coffee brewer for better-tasting coffee and tea. We’ll do this at no extra charge! For more information on this product, please download our point-of-use brochure.

Contact Amazon Springs at (780) 460-0433 to learn more about our point-of-use filtration systems and our related services!

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